STUDIO 522 is an Emmy® Award winning 3D animation and media communications company.  We provide a range of content for broadcast, internet, educational and corporate applications. Studio 522's communications services include creative development, video production, website design, branding and marketing support as well as full, in-house 2D/3D animation and visual effects. For more information click on ABOUT US.

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No matter who you are, what business you're in or where you're located... you need to communicate!  And today, that means communicating with effective video.

In today's dynamic, connected and fast-paced world, video and animation have become the communication methods of choice for millions.  High-quality motion visuals grab and hold our attention in ways that columns of text simply can't.  People process pictures more quickly, extract more from them and retain the experience longer.

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Once you've watched the video, feel free to send us an email or give us a call with any questions or comments, we're here to help and we'd love to hear from you!

Working with our creative partners at Central Arizona Project, we recently completed this natural resource documentary on the Colorado River and the challenges that it faces.  It is currently available for you to view on the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences website where they offer the following comment:

"This beautifully crafted, 9-minute video, written and produced by Central Arizona Project and Studio 522 Productions, Inc, compels all Colorado River water users to take action to ensure the sustainability of this vital resource.  Conservation, cooperation and wise water planning are crucial as is continued significant investment in the Basin's wide range of assets."

"Kudos to you and your team for your excellent work.  I appreciate it more than you know." - Kathryn Royer - Associate General Manager of Communications and Public Affairs, CAP

REGENESIS 2014 Drug free pain and inflammation relief? Yes.  It's still being provided by Regenesis Biomedical's Provant® device.  We recently finished the update to the previous animation that we created for Regenesis.  Our new animations take you deep into the nucleus to show the up and down regulation of key proteins.  Then back at the cell surface, we show how water channeling aquaporins that help reduce edema are up regulated.  Once again, cool stuff made visible by using 3D animation.

"You and Jay did a great job, absolutely great stuff!" - John Moffett - Director of Life Science, Regenesis Biomedical Inc.

When Jon Curry of Curry Tool Works hit upon his revolutionary new shovel design, he needed the kind of wide spectrum support only Studio 522 could offer.  From initial concept development to 3D models for prototyping to marketing support and advertisement production, he knew 522 was the place.

We helped Jon refine and visualize the final shovel and we used our 3D graphics to generate the CAD files that were used to manufacture the actual shovels.   It is no surprise then that our 3D illustrations for his TV spots, brochures and web ads look just like the real Earth Talon Shovels.

In addition to all the development and prototyping support, we produced the Earth Talon spot currently running on the DiY network around the country.  From initial consultation through product release, we have been working shoulder to shoulder with Jon and his team to make the Earth Talon a reality. Thanks Jon!  It's been a great ride and what could be better than knowing it's not over yet!

Once again, Studio 522 and 3D is the answer.

Freeport McMoran needed several animations for their Grasberg mineral district mining operations tailored for different audiences (the public, the Indonesian government, and the employees).  They selected Studio 522 to create these animations based on our company's extensive experience with animated technical illustrations, especially for the mining industry.  The animations are being used to educate and orient the broad spectrum of audiences that Freeport needs to reach regarding future plans for Grasberg's mining operations.

See the magnitude of work that will be undertaken including the complicated processes it's going to take to mine the ore bodies under the Grasberg open pit mine using block caving techniques.  Click on the link or image to view the animation.

How do you look through metal to see a machine tool in action?  Well, you don't really.  But Micro 100 wanted to show their super carbide machine tools in action removing material from the inside of real work pieces.   So the Studio 522 team dove in and with a bit of trickery, a strobe light (and some other stuff) to deliver the illusion of looking through a metal part as it's being turned. Take a look!++

"THEY BLEW US AWAY!!! They exceeded ... expectations by SO MUCH I can't begin to explain!! " - Randy Nedrow - Micro 100 VP Sales & Marketing

Lincoln Culinary Infomercial We've just wrapped on this tasty project for Lincoln Culinary Institute that showcases their outstanding culinary program.  Our contributions included the overall design, scripting support, shot selection, 3D animation and graphics, editing, music selection-sweetening, and numerous other post services. Take a look - it's mouth watering!

"LOVE IT!" - Piper Jameson - EVP & Chief Marketing Officer - Lincoln Educational Services

Lincoln Marketing Showcase How do you take a 2D brand design and bring it to life with 3D animation? Studio 522 answered that question for Lincoln Educational Services with this dynamic animated presentation that showcases Lincoln's new marketing content.

"OMG OMG OMG OMG! I LOVE IT MIKE..... OMG IT'S AMAZING!" - Piper Jameson - EVP & Chief Marketing Officer - Lincoln Educational Services

"LOOKS AWESOME" - Dan LaPlaca - Lincoln Educational Services.